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The Culla di Teby® Teal System is an Italian patent, the “Cozy Kilt” panties is a 100% pure wool panties. These kilts are completely hand weaved in Italy

Select the best size for your baby.
Fabric: 100% virgin wool hand weaved in Italy Km 0
Suitable absorbent pads: all kinds of CULLA DI TEBY® absorbent pads

Which are the characteristics of Culla di Teby’s wool cloth nappy?
Highly breathable: wool nappies are the most breathable on the market
Extremely delicate on the skin: the wool cover is made of pure extra soft virgin wool (fleece wool) , and thanks to the special process it goes through it doesn’t itch like boiled wool, which could cause painful irritations
Water repellent: wool covers, thanks to the lanoline, absorb humidity but doesn’t let liquids out, keeping the exterior clothes dry.
Nothing elastics: there are no elastics that touch the skin
Thermoregulating: cloth nappies, thanks to their high breathability, are warm in winter and cool in the summer
Antibacterial: thanks to the power of lanoline, cloth nappies can be hanged to breathe between clothe changes (if not dirty with poop) without having to wash them every time, just once per month.


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